Delny 0.4.1

A little while ago I released a new version of Delny (my python wrapper around Qhull for Delaunay triangulations), the main purpose to use numpy instead of numeric. Impressively enough people actually seemed to care and I got a few bug reports and hints for improvements.

So I just released 0.4.1 with some of these updated:

At the same time I fixed the 2D square issue by using the Qz option and removing the extra point from all output. Finally fixing a unittest that has been failing for ages.

To compensate however I added a new test that fails to triangulate a 3x3 2D square (well, it works but doesn't create simplical facets), thanks to Stephen McQuay's bug report. AFAIK there's not bug for this in Delny's code, Qhull just seems to return the wrong result (but it does work on the command line).

Now if someone would donate me windows binaries that would save me answering those questions too...