Bluetooth on a Toshiba Tecra A9-127

I got a Toshiba Tecra A9-127, listening to the model number of PTS52E-06002LEN as written on the back, from work to replace my dying old HP Compaq nx9030. As my laptop OS of choice is Ubuntu, currently in it's Hardy release, it's not completely coincidence that the hardware is almost all Intel based since that's what Matthew Garrett recommends. And indeed, it all works effortlessly! Apart from bluetooth.

For bluetooth you need a tool called toshset. Once you have that you can enable the internal bluetooth device:

flub@signy:~$ sudo toshset -bluetooth on
bluetooth: attached

And all of a sudden you'll have an hci device, probably hci0, check it with hciconfig -a if you fancy. Magic! It's just like plugging in a USB dongle...

Only toshset is not available for the amd64 flavour of hardy, only in the i386 version. No panic though, Debian has an up to date package (Ubuntu intrepid also has the right 1.73 version but doesn't build it for amd64 yet — bug filled).

$ dget
$ dpkg-source -x toshset_1.73-2.dsc

Don't quite rejoice yet, Debian seems to have changed from the pciutils-dev package to libpci-dev. So go and edit debian/control to build depend on pciutils-dev again. Then just build the package, install and enjoy.

Hopefully someone will now spend less time then me figuring this out...