When essential tools break...

I hate it when that happens. Current case:

flub@coronation:/tmp/sandbox$ gpg --clearsign test
gpg: selecting openpgp failed: unknown command
gpg: signing failed: general error
gpg: test: clearsign failed: general error

That's just to get desparate. Some quick poking around results in leading me to think that this only happens when the smart card is involved. --symetric and --list-keys etc seem to work fine.

What's changed on my system? The hardware is still fine as it works on my Debian Sarge box. grrr...


It ends up that seahorse-agent is the bad guy! Disable the agent and all is fine again. I should figure out the details sometime later and amke sure it works. Next problem however is making debsign work with the card nicely, weird that no DD has done that yet.


Seems the debsign problem was just that I was signing from inside my chroot which didn't have access to the required hardware. Oh well, it was late last night.