UTF-8 and Emacs

While looking around in Manoj's Debian web-page/directory for his new Python policy (for how to package Python stuff for Debian) I stumbled, amongst other intresting things, across this cool UTF-8 demo file.

To my surprise my web browser (Epiphany) shows nearly everything perfect, so does gedit. However my much beloved and favourite religion Emacs, where I spend most of my text-editing time, does not! Even after I installed all the xfonts-intl-* on my Debian box. Surely Manoj knows which packages are needed (given that he even reads mail with Emacs while I use merely mutt), why not write that down into the same file?

No editors or religions where harmed in the creation of this post, a web browser and keyboard have been harmed however as I had to write it into a silly web form wich makes me angry from time to time for not being enough Emacs like.

[I know I should get a better blogging system, maybe ikiwiki is the way to go...]