Dalai Lama visits Belgium

Like I care.

But China cares, that's more worrying. Dispite it not being an "official" visit (he was invited by some buddhists to open a new temple) he visited the prime minister and some other politicians. And hence the chinese ambassador says it will hurt the Belgian-China relationships as they don't like him. "The territorial integrity of a country are very important and is in the heart of every chinese." Yeah right.

The final quote is the best: "I hope that not only we, but also the Belgian government and politicians, will realise that the Belgian-China relationship is currently more important." In other words: screw human rights, it's good for our economy.

The worst part of it all is that our politicians try and not offend China too much. I've already a few time wondered if it is possible to boycot 'made in china' stuff. But that seems so damn difficult.