Summer of Code 2006

There must be about a million blog posts with this title by now. Anyway, here my own little addition, I've been meaning to write this for a while.

I have not applied for SoC again althoug I was still eligible. There where intresting projects however, and in fact I'm sorry to see now that the list of accepted projects is known that some of the ones I was intrested in are not being done (e.g. the only accepted bazaar one is bazaar-gui afaik, and I was looking at bazaar).

There are a few reasons I decided not to apply. Firstly the timeline has been extended, but mainly moved forward which did not fit very well with my university shedule. Secondly I felt that I had a great opportunity last year, and wanted to give this opportunity to more new people.

Then there is also the aspect of finally graduating this year (hopefully!). It means I should really try and find a job instead of postponing that a bit longer. And not having the looming SoC deadline means I can take a more exciting holiday climbing on the outer hebrides on some silly islands where no one lives and with no contact with the rest of the world. We did that 2 years ago and I'm really looking forward to spending July there.

Lastly not having the SoC project eating most of my time means I can take time to complete various personal projects, including my SoC 2005 project. I'd really like to polish it off completely and finally make a proper Debian package for it. Maybe it could even be on time for the etch release! The other Debian package I'm maintaining, plotutils, also needs some of my attention which it hasn't been getting due to my over-busy uni work lately.

So that's about my plan for this summer. Finish off lasts year project and other duties I took upon me, and trying to find work to do.