Small update

This weeked I've been helping at home again building the patio outside. It's quite impressive to see things changing from a big pit of dirt in the morning to a nice surfaced area in the evening. If I had a digital camera I'd show you nice before and after pictures, however your imagination will have to do.

Today I did create a small script that shows you how much fater hstats is compared to hotshot.stats. It simply automates what I've bragged about earlier this summer. I lost a litle bit of speed (last time I bragged it didn't collect the callers of every function, but that was needed for pstats emulation) but not significantly. Intrestingly enough it seems that the speed gain is smaller on the 500MHz Pentium III coppermine based laptop than on the 450MHz Ultra Sparc IIi Sarbre Sun box. But it's still significant, on the last tests it was about 30% gain on the Sparc and 25% gain on the i386. Also curious is the Intel outperforming the Sun in absolute figures, 228s to 96s and 157s to 72s. But I don't dare to generalise anything here!

Tomorrow I'll look at making a proper installable package from my work. A exists already, but I only used the build target to test the _hotshot module. A file still needs to be created for examle as well as some other administrativa files.

That's it for tonight!