Pointer to funcion

Great fun these things. Certainly when the pointer to the function is stored inside a struc. The result is that my version of _hotshot now uses a void pointer in ProfilerObject as a function to get the time difference since last time it was called. For now it only goes and runs the old (buildin) timer function but it opens up the possibility to set the timer function by a user.

The setting of the timer function is sheduled for tomorrow, I guess it will be another day until another timer function can be used in reality but it doesn't look bad. This is after all the last bit that will finish off the profiler module wrapper. So I have the feeling I'm making (good) progress.

Also to mention is that I figured out how to use branches with CVS. I decided not to add the above things in HEAD as it could have gone very wrong and things could (and can) change drastically. I also wasn't too sure about the change in package layout with this stuff added. Although I do have the impression I got it the first time right (the package layout that is).