Nice progress

Work has been progressing nicely the last few days. All the hacking has been going smoothly, which does not mean bug free - far from it! But I seem to have finally reached a good cycle of writing unit tests, implementing the features and refining that all. The scaffolding is in place, the design proven to be good enough (I did have to go and modify other bits that I wrote earlier this summer to achieve new functionality), it's almost a joy to work!

Last night I thought I had printing finished, a bit premature as I discovered this morning. I completely forgot about the filtering of the output. But that's corrected now. Also the modifications needed in hstats for the support of hpstats.Stats.print_callers(); hpstats.Stats.print_callees() is in place so I can now go and knock that down. This should be finished today so I can work on the multiple profiles support tomorrow. Future looks bright (for the moment at least)!