Double Ouch


To get a user supplied timer function in hotshot I need to start hacking on _hotshot.c. Being cautious I pull the file from python CVS, put it in my package tree, write a setup script, build the stuff before modifying everything -just to test build environment- and finally run all tests with the fresh compiled

So far so good. Yesterday I scribbled down roughly what changes I need to do to _hotshot.c for my needs. Still being cautious I decided to start with something trivial. Modifying the version number so I recognise profiles made by my modified _hotshot module. A simple unit test for this was written a few minutes later so I could get along. There is a function char * get_version_string(void); that parses the CVS revision keyword. I simply modify the function to concatenate the string "-hprof" to the string returned by that function. Merely one line modified and one added.

So lets try it then! Build goes fine. Then running the test. Segmentation fault. eh???? Really? Python segfaults at module import time! Let's make this clear, before even the get_version_string() function gets called!


Pretty unproductive day. Coz that's where I'm stuck. I can think of what I want. I'm absolutely clueless about what how and when. Guess tomorrow(*) I'll have to dig into gdb.


I started writing this blog text a few hours ago on my laptop. Then I got interupted by dinner and then I had to go and play driving instructor for my sister. Thing was I was supposed to be able to have some free time at the place we where going to as my sister had some things to do there but I didn't, so I suspended the laptop (with this blog text half finished). Suspend normally works. But me saying normally in the last sentence says it all. It never woke up again. It did partially, then got a blank screen.


Nothing would help. Once I got over the fact that I'd lose it all and I resetted the box I started trying to find what went wrong. Maybe it was the fact that it normally wakes up at the lid open event but I also pressed the sleep button? No. After trying out all combinations I still don't know. It works perfectly in every situation I can think off. But it didn't when I needed it to work. Guess that's life for me.

(*) Tomorrow I'll actually be helping with the building of the house due to logistic reasons. So it will really be the day after.