Cross platform developing

Even when using Python this is easier said then done. One should be very carefull as details lies in tiny details. Wich I discovered to my shame.

Normally I work on a desktop, this box listenst to the name of Ultra 10, so it is a UltraSparc architecture as developed by Sun Microsystems. Sometimes however, like the last few days, I do use a Compaq Armada M700, which is a Intel i386 architecture. So today I started to work again on the U10, looking where I am I run the unit test suite Normally I'll have one test failing, this then is the feature I was working on. Two tests failed however.

So why did that test I've forgotten about two days ago sudenly fail? After jotting in some print statements it became apparent. In the test I was comparing two values in a dictionarry to be equal. The value compared I extracted as follows: d.values()[-1][-1]. Very fine, but in one case d.values() looked like [[10, 11, 12], [0, 1, 2]] and in the second it was [[0, 1, 2]]. However as it seemed, when I changed from architecture the order in wich d.values() is sorted in is changed!

Cheeky. One should be very carefull not to run into traps like this. With reflection I say, "Of course, dictionaries are not sorted!" But the error is made so easily!