(Almost) Done!

Just completed hpstats module, it's all in CVS. This means that theoretically the project is finished! Altho I expect to code another few days on it before the end of August, nothing can be perfect... leave alone the first time round!

Along the list of TODO's is making a little script that shows that my stats analysis is faster then the old hotshot one. Other then that I'll have to go and dig up the email in which my mentor mentions what the requirements where for the project. But I'm sure I'll have a hand full of things to do. Also I guess I'll figure out tomorrow that I forgot something obvious, that's the way things go.

But for now some ephoria. Some random statistics: I wrote 112 unit tests, all of which pass. A grep FIXME *.c *.py only retruns me tow hits, one of which is non-essential, the other also not really ;-). SLOCCount tells me I wrote about 1833 lines of Python, did this in about 4.53 months and the total estimated cost to develop is apparently $51,046. And this does not include my modifications to _hotshot.c since I did not write a significant amount of the source there.

That makes me feel good :-)