Stats unittests

That's what I've mostly done, been making and polishing unittests for the hstats module (or what's written of it. hstats btw, is the module that will create the statistics for hotshot, natively reading hotshot data. In the process one extra omission (not really a bug as such ;-)) got into the hstats.Stats.__init__(), code.

Also have worked out -on paper- how I'll be sorting and showing this data. For this I'll give the true XP a go and try to start with the unittests first. I'll see how it goes, most likely I'll end up mixing the creation of unittests and real code.


This weekend we're going to visit an old friend in Bonn. Not too much of coding thus, and definately no internet. I did get an old laptop from my brother a couple of weeks ago though, so I hope to do some coding anyway (if we're not working on his house all day). So with a bit of luck I'll have the sorting working by Monday.