Seconds & nanoseconds

Last night I struggled a lot with the calibration. In the end I fainted and gave up, went to bed and read a crap book for way too long -books are no good for me, even if they're crap I can't stop reading them. Today, after waking up way to late, I looked again at the calibration issue. Simple, after half an hour it all made sense and an hour later it all worked. Now I even finished the unit tests, they even all work and it's into CVS.

In the process I realised that the output given currently is in the nanoseconds of hotshot instead of in the seconds that profile uses. The bias returned by calibrate uses seconds now, but next is the modification of the print_stats() method to modify everything to seconds.

For this I'll need to subclass hstats.Stats which is good since the next thing I need to do is support the use of the bias too. It's so nice when it all fits together...

Now just hope I don't screw up like I did yesterday with the calibration stuff!