Project for the next two months...

So this is my blog for the SoC (Google Summer of Code), as recommended by the email I got from the Python Software Foundation.

For those who don't know what I'm doing. It is listed on Python's Summer of Code wiki under "Profile Replacement".

I haven't done very much yet. Since I had to move house this week I've been offline for 4 days and when I got back I didn't have my normal box to read my email as that ended up in a house without power or network. So attempting to set up my fetchmail-procmail-exim-spamassassin chain I created a great mail loop that resulted in a big mess. Shame on me, I should've remembered that I had a .forward file on this box to the address I was trying to fetch my email from... Anyhow, I think I didn't lose any mail in the end. Not 100% sure though.

Also I haven't heard from my mentor yet. Not sure if he's just having lots to do or if I lost the mail. I'll wait till after the weekend before I'll try to contact him. For now I'm still sorting out my tax stuff. Working my way through the W-7 form now to get an ITIN.