Native hoshot statistics!

Finally, after some refactoring, having cursed unittests and XP but in the end blessing them anyway. The result is there: the hstats module!

It loads hotshot data 35% faster then hotshot.stats.load() as I reported earlier. It sorts the data, and prints it out nicely. Moreover the sorting and printing seems very fast. I did this for pystones in 0.0091 seconds! So that's one goal acomplished.

So please go and try it out. Just drop the file in your current directory, import hstats in the interpreter, read the docstrings and go! In fact I must beg you to try it out and report at least problems, but preferably wishlists too!. The current interface is very basic namely. On purpose (XP again). So I'm hoping to hear about a lot of functionality that is currently missing but is essential for you people to work the way you like it! And if you're really convinced of you feature you could even attach the appropriate unittests to verify your feature! That would be very kind.

Hope to get reports coming in soon!


That said I may not respond too soon. Tomorrow afternoon I'm flying to Newcastle, UK to finally see my girlfriend again (no it's no fun living in different countries). This will be a long weekend untill Monday night. I will do some work on Friday and Monday though as I'll be taking a laptop and I've discovered unison... But I don't know if I'll be having an internet connection.