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Python System Information is a python extension module providing real-time information on processes and other miscellanious system information such as architecture, bootime and filesystems.

Originally started by Chris Miles in late 2007 I started contributing in early 2009. The project is hosted on bitbucket and we're always keen to add more information and cover more platforms.


I am the maintainer of the plotutils package in Debian. Which is pretty low maintenance really.

I'm also helping out in the pkg-corba project on alioth to help keep "OmniORB in shape in the Debian archive.

Here's my QA page.



Delny is a Python package which can be used to make a Delaunay triangulation from a set of n-dimensional points. It is effectively a Python interface to libqhull, the C library of the Qhull program, but (currently) restricted to Delaunay triangulation.

It was first developed to use in a mesh generator developed as dissertation at the University of Southampton with Hans Fangohr as supervisor. This very specific application area was the reason for the limited functionality of the libqhull wrapper, which in turn is likely the reason that there is useable code available.


Development has pretty much stalled, even tough I don't think the API is stable yet. This is reflected by the low version number but should not be an issue since it's slower then glacial pace. It does what it says on the tin pretty well for all practical purposes, so let an idealist view of what the world should be like not stop you from using it.

There has also been intrest to extend the Qhull wrapper to the convex hull functionality. This is certainly possible, but unless my needs change I'm very unlikely to be the person to do this. So if you're interested in this feel free to contribute.


The package can be found on PyPI. Naturally it is recommended to use the last version, but older versions are also available for software that is not updated to the latest API yet.


The latest developement version is available from the mercurial repository on bitbucket. Suggestions, improvements and patches are welcome!


At some point I was looking for a simple GNOME/GTK music player and didn't find one simple enough, so I created ddmp. Since then I've found Decibel Audio Player which is way better then my own creation. Nevertheless, this might be interesting.

Dead Dumb Music Player

Sometimes I just want to play a few files and not have any of the bells and wistles the average music player comes with. In fact I looked at a whole bunch of music players that could fulfill this task in a reasonable way and didn't find any. Hence ddmp or Dead Dumb Music Player was born.



No library
Just a list of simple files, played sequentially.
No metadata
If you just want to play a few random files why would you care about metadata?
No bells or wistles
Seriously, I want to listen to a few files not have some visualisation, equaliser, unreadable skin or OMG such a cool gadget etc.
Simple interface
It's boring, but fits in with GTK or GNOME apps quite nicely.

Basically, anything that the player doesn't do is done better by other applications. Personally I prefer Ex Falso / Quod Libet, but there are many alternatives.

Download & Requirements

You can grab the code and just run it withouth even installing it (in fact, installation is unsuppored currently). You will need a few dependencies though:

It's all written in a few hunderd lines of python. Version is unimportant right now although the other dependencies might be stricter on the python version.
PyGTK modules
The GUI is written in GTK with the amazing python bindings of it. GTK+ 2.6 or higher is needed.
The GUI is build using this nice design tool, it saves on a lot of boring code. It was written using version 0.6.
Gstreamer modules
This is an amazing framework that makes playing media really, really easy. Version 0.10 is needed.

If you are on a Debian-like system this can be simply done by:

apt-get install python python-gtk2 gazpacho python-gst0.10


I've pretty much stopped being interested in this. It was a fun expriment but now I've found Decibel Audio Player which is pretty much what I wanted and way better. The code of ddmp is still here though:

If you want the most recent code or want to modify it yourself you can get the code using Bazaar Version Conrol by pointing it to my branch:

~$ bzr branch

Contributions welcome! But bear in mind that I don't really want any new features. There are many usability improvements to be made though, this list should give you a feel of what I classify as "usability improvement": slider, column with music length, delete-key binding, right-click context menu, pause functionality, ...