E pur si muove

About Floris

My name is Floris Bruynooghe and including my middle names my initials end up being flub. Being a Belgian I currently live in Bedfordshire in the UK, which is not nearly close enough to the UK's interesting climbing areas.

From 2002 until 2006 I did an MEng degree in ship science at the University of Southampton (which had a cute dolphin logo at the time). After gradually doing more software development as part of e.g. my dissertation with Hans Fangohr, I got more interested in building software then building floating things and since graduating do the former at Abilisoft where I enjoy writing lots of Python code.

Contacting me

Unless you have other contact details which you feel are more appropriate you should be able to reach me by email at Apart form when I don't, I usually repond within a few days.

Other Places

About devork

This name has nothing to do with development nor Orcs, but rather with Germanic Gods and the South Orkney Islands. Makes sense now does it?